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Learner Privacy and Security Policy

It is the policy of NRWA to ensure the privacy and information security of learners’ records, including information input, maintenance, release, and issuance of learners’ records following learning event completion.

NRWA maintains detailed records for all learners who participate in learning events with CEUs. Learner records are the property of NRWA and are considered confidential. Access to the information they contain is restricted to NRWA staff and State Affiliated Instructional Coordinators who have a legitimate reason to review and/or report information to apprenticeship regulatory agencies.

  1. NRWA personnel charged with the input, maintenance, release, and issuance of learners’ records are trained on the Privacy and Security policy and procedure. Electronic notification and personnel acknowledgement is maintained on file with the Training Development Specialist.
  2. Prior to each learning event, learners are informed of the Privacy and Security Policy by means of a written statement in the Terms and Conditions portion of the course.
  3. Learner information is released to the learner immediately following the learning event and at the learner’s request for the following seven (7) years through the NRWA LMS.
  4. CEU records are made available to the learner using a unique username and password to ensure that only the learner has access to his/her information.
  5. In addition, records may be obtained by learners on submission of a Record Release Request to the Training Development Specialist.
  6. State Apprenticeship Coordinators responsible for reporting learning hours are considered eligible personnel and may request a training transcript for reporting purposes as stated within the signed Apprenticeship Agreement.

Last Updated: 4/28/2021


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